Q7: How to use Hydrosol? 3

Q7: How to use Hydrosol?

Maintenance: It can be directly used as a general skin care moisturizing lotion, or use a paper mask to apply on the face after fully soaking it.

Skin care: Spray or apply to relieve skin problems such as allergies, redness, and dryness.

Bathing: Use pure dew and essential oils to reconcile and soak in the bath to experience the complete plant energy.

Beauty: Use a water-oxygen machine to steam the face to fully atomize the pure dew aromatic molecules to help the skin absorb and penetrate.

Application: Moisten a cotton pad with pure dew and apply it locally to the eye area, which can effectively relieve soreness, puffiness and dark circles.

Mouthwash: Spray directly or dilute it in boiling water for mouthwash, which can relieve the symptoms of swollen gums and inflammation.

Hygiene: When genitourinary tract infections, spray the affected area directly, which can effectively reduce inflammation, calm and relieve itching.

Health care: Adding an appropriate amount of (organic) pure dew to drink in warm water can relieve symptoms such as respiratory allergies and coughs, and effectively improve physical fitness.

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