Q8: How to drink Hydrosol 3

Q8: How to drink Hydrosol

Daily maintenance: 100c.c. water spray 3-5 times, adjust the taste according to personal preference
Body conditioning: 1000c.c. water + 30c.c. hydrosol
Body conditioning is usually a three-week cycle. During these three weeks, use the same hydrosol formula every day, and then rest for one week. This is a very important course rule in natural therapy. Our body needs time to adapt to the changes in the body. By resting for a week, our health can reach a new balance point and a new stable state. After a 7-day buffer period, we will reassess our health. Condition, and then decide whether to continue or stop the next stage of the new treatment. (In the 7-day buffer period, the recurrence of symptoms can be used as an indicator for judging whether it is necessary to repeat the next treatment cycle).

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