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Respiratory Bronchial Protection

1. Phlegm removal: oral administration (2-3 kinds of oral administration) Myrtle Hydrosol / Agarwood Thyme Hydrosol / Cypress Hydrosol / Fragrant Fir Hydrosol
2. Cough: Oral administration (2-3 kinds of oral administration) Inulin/Thyme Hydrosol/ Cypress Hydrosol
3. Stuffed nose and expectoration: (orally taken) rosemary + elecampane hydrosol
4. Bronchitis/Respiratory Tract Infection: (2-3 kinds of oral administration)-Inulin/Blue Gum Eucalyptus/ Eucalyptus Polybractate Hydrosol
(Please use Australia Eucalyptus for under four years old)/Verbenone Rosemary/Wild Marjoram/Tea Tree/Winter Savory/Long Artemisia Lotion
5. Prevent cold/allergic season/lower blood pressure: (taken orally) lemon balm
6. Prevention of bronchitis chest infection/allergy asthma/air pollution asthma/tracheal maintenance: (orally taken) Myrtle Hydrosol
7. Asthma caused by stress or nervous system: (taken internally) Myrtle + Neroli/Lemon Balm Hydrosol

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