Women's Care and Privacy 3

Women's Care and Privacy

1. Premenstrual syndrome-relieve headaches. Lower abdomen feeling: (taken orally) Geranium/Permanent Flower Hydrosol
2. Hormonal balance during menstruation: (Oral use) Damascus Rose/Geranium Hydrosol
3. Uterus to remove blood stasis: (taken orally) Take permanent flower hydrosol
4. Regular menstruation/Reduce menstrual blood excess/Relieve premenstrual syndrome: (Oral use) Clary Sage Hydrosol
5. Excessive menstrual bleeding. Anti-spasmodic pain. Postpartum recovery: (sit bath) Yarrow + Chamomile Hydrosol
6. Endometrial translocation/uterine fibroids: (lavage + bath + oral administration): rock rose + yarrow + permanent flower hydrosol
7. Leucorrhea treatment and thrush rinse: (external spray + rinse) orange blossom + thyme / wild marjoram + rock rose hydrosol
8. Vulva mold infection/vaginitis/thrush/male itching: (douche+sit bath):
German Chamomile+Wild Marjoram/Peppermint/Tea Tree/Savory Peppermint/Rosemary/Thyme Hydrosol
9. Routine maintenance of recurrent vaginal Candida infection: (orally taken) Myrtle Hydrosol
10. Urinary tract infection: (orally taken) cornflower + juniper or cypress + tea tree hydrosol
11. Menopausal flushing fever/balancing hormonal emotions:
(Oral use) Damascus Rose//Geranium Hydrosol/Sage/Clary Sage+Borage Oil
12. Breast enhancement/enhancing breast tissue firmness: (outside spray) black spruce + peppermint hydrosol

Note: To relieve premenstrual syndrome, start oral maintenance at least 10 days before menstruation

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