Mandarin Cold Pressed 3

Mandarin Cold Pressed

Botanical name: Citrus Madurensis 
Manufacturing Part: Peel 
Extraction Method: Cold Press Method 
Origin of Origin: Australia 
Product Information: 100% pure natural essential oil

The main function of citrus essential oil is to treat digestive system problems. It has the functions of smoothing and stimulating the stomach and liver, as well as calming the intestines. If used with other citrus essential oils, especially neroli and orange essential oils, the effect will be better. Citrus is very mild, and it can be used to treat children’s common indigestion and hiccups. Just use sweet almond oil to dilute the concentration of the essential oil to 1%-2%, and then rub it on the belly in a clockwise direction. Let the elderly use it Citrus essential oil is also a very good choice. Citrus essential oil is one of the best essential oils to avoid stretch marks. In 10 ml of sweet almond oil and 2 ml of wheat germ oil, add a drop of lavender, citrus and neroli oil to make a compound massage Oil, can be used to prevent stretch marks. Citrus essential oils are often used in cosmetics and perfumes.

The taste of citrus essential oil is very good, and it is very similar to the taste of fresh citrus. The main components of golden essential oil are limonene, methyl aminobenzoate, geranol, citral and citronellal. It can be combined with most essential oils Blending, especially tangerines such as lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit. It is also suitable for mixing with herbal essential oils such as nutmeg seed, cinnamon, bay laurel and cloves. It is a highly volatile essential oil.

Contraindications for use: Citrus essential oils are sensitive to light. After applying this kind of essential oils, avoid direct exposure to the sun.

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