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Hydrosol conditioning method-solve insomnia

Insomnia is divided into two types according to the cause, active type and passive type. The so-called active type is spontaneous insomnia,
habitual insomnia, and insomnia. Insomnia is active. For example, light sleep,
it is easy to wake up, and wake up without falling asleep. This is all active insomnia.
If it belongs to this type of insomnia, it is recommended to use lavender, chamomile, marjoram, and benzoin to make the preparation.

Passive insomnia belongs to short-term stress, fright, depression, shock, etc.
Insomnia caused by external factors,
it is recommended to use neroli, petitgrain, geranium, frankincense and other pure dews.

[Pure Dew Sleeping Method] Pure plant pure dew can directly breathe the smell into your central nervous system through the sense of smell in this respect, and
use the characteristics of each taste to help you release stress, transform emotions, and practice deep breathing for yourself An incentive
to relax the muscles and reduce brain activity will naturally help you fall asleep.

The following is an analysis of different types of insomnia and the formula of Hydrosol. Take a closer look at which one you belong to.
If you have more than two causes, don’t worry,
you can think about which mood is the most disturbing today before going to bed. You, change the formula according to different situations every day.


Spray the pure road directly on the pillow or pillow towel; if you are afraid of coloring, you can also spray the pure dew on a cotton pad or toilet paper and
place it under the pillowcase, one in each of the four corners.

1. Nervous and anxious type:

Innately he is a worry type, and he is more likely to worry about trivial things. He is easily nervous and anxious.
When I work during the day, I am afraid that things will not be handled well, and I am always worried, my muscles are tight, and I am exhausted; I go home at night,
but I continue to call to contact things and feel worried; at night, I can finally get a good rest However, he is constantly thinking, thinking about
today's things in his mind, and thinking about tomorrow's things, tossing and turning, waking up from sleep and dreaming,
this type of insomnia is mostly related to personality, and it is also the most common type of chronic insomnia.

Hydrosol formula: Lavender Hydrosol + Marjoram Hydrosol

Two, collapse type:

Feeling uneasy when encountering a major blow, such as divorce of relatives, company bankruptcy, bankruptcy, etc.,
insomnia caused by sudden and extreme stress and increased mental load. This type of insomnia is usually acute insomnia,
but if the crisis is not handled properly, it may become intermittent insomnia, or light sleep and more dreams.

Hydrosol formula: Orange Blossom Hydrosol + Bitter Orange Leaf Hydrosol

3. Fear, fear type:

Watching a horror movie before going to bed, the images in the movie always appear in your mind.
As long as you close your eyes, the creepy scene reappears,
or the fear of the living environment, such as turning off the light at night, and then starting to face the wall The shadows and
lights on the ceiling are suspicious and fearful. This situation is more likely to occur in childhood or insecure adults.

Hydrosol formula: Sandalwood Hydrosol + Frankincense Hydrosol

Four, over-excited type:

Drinking caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee, tea, cola before going to bed, or taking some prohibitive drugs that make you very high, such as ecstasy,
amphetamines, ketamines, etc., are prone to overexcitement and even hallucinations.
Talking with people at night, frolicking, and being overly excited will cause the emotions before going to bed to stay in bed when it is time to go to bed, which recursively in the brain,
making it impossible to fall asleep or lightly sleep and dream.
Sometimes when you are extremely excited, such as winning a big prize, or some long-awaited trip the next day, you will not fall asleep, and you will be so
energetic that you don't feel tired. This situation is usually short-lived.

Hydrosol formula: Marjoram Hydrosol + Geranium Hydrosol

Five, alcoholic insomnia:

Many people like to drink before going to bed. Most people think that after drinking, they can fall asleep drunk.
Therefore, many stressed people often use drunk to relieve their sorrows, and
fall asleep until they are drunk. In fact, when you start drinking, it can promote sleep,
but long-term drinking is like taking sleeping pills. It will be addictive. After a
long time, it will affect normal sleep. And with the metabolism of alcohol, it is easy to have rebound insomnia in the middle of the night,
which is after the effect of alcohol. Not only will you be awake, but you will also experience side effects such as headache, sweating, and palpitations the next day.

Hydrosol formula: Marjoram Hydrosol + Bitter Orange Leaf Hydrosol

Sixth, menopausal syndrome:

Women develop symptoms such as flushing, night sweats, and insomnia during menopause.
Some premenstrual syndromes can cause severe anxiety, restlessness, pain, and even insomnia.

Hydrosol formula: Roman Chamomile Hydrosol + Sandalwood Hydrosol

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